Akshar Business Park Architecture, table, chair Akshar Business Park Architecture, table, chair

Commercial Properties in Navi Mumbai

Akshar Business Park in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, stands as a paragon of excellence within the realm of commercial Property in Navi Mumbai. The strategic location of Akshar Business Park in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, grants it effortless access to key transportation networks and business centers, rendering it an optimal choice for burgeoning enterprises. Akshar Business Park is replete to offer commercial properties in Navi Mumba with top-tier amenities, encompassing high-speed elevators, round-the-clock security, copious parking facilities, and robust power backup systems, assuring a secure and convenient professional milieu.


Akshar Business Park

Akshar Business Park in Navi Mumbai stands as a testament to modern commercial excellence, offering prime commercial properties that are second to none. Its hallmark feature is the presence of over 500 Grade-A offices all conveniently located under one expansive roof. This unique development spans an impressive 1 kilometer, providing a horizontal layout that maximizes convenience and space.

Akshar Business Park enjoys excellent connectivity through rail and arterial roads. Its location advantage cannot be overstated, with close proximity to the APMC Market and high-rise business complexes. Turbhe Railway Station is just 5 minutes away, while Palm Beach Road is a mere 10 minutes' drive. Inorbit and Raghuleela Malls in Vashi are within easy reach, as are Sanpada Railway Station, Turbhe Bus Depot, and Vashi Bus Depot.

This project boasts 17 rooftop amenities, spreading over a vast 1 lakh sq. ft., making it the largest such offering in Navi Mumbai. With the best facilities and amenities, Akshar Business Park truly represents the epitome of commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, catering to diverse business needs and ensuring both productivity and leisure are never compromised.

Akshar Business Park

Premium Commercial Properties in Navi Mumbai

Akshar Developers' esteemed repute in delivering exceptional residential and commercial properties in Navi Mumbai underscores our unwavering dedication to quality and customer contentment. In addition to our prowess in commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, Akshar Developers also excels in crafting premium residential spaces that are synonymous with lavish amenities and contemporary designs. Whether your quest pertains to commercial or residential properties in Navi Mumbai, Akshar Developers proffers superlative choices tailored to your specific needs. Discover the finest Commercial Properties in Navi Mumbai with Akshar Developers!


Yes, there are upcoming commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, with Akshar Developer leading the way. Akshar Developer offers a prime option with Akshar Business Park, showcasing their commitment to quality commercial spaces in the region. This project reflects Akshar Developer's dedication to providing modern and efficient commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, meeting the growing demands of businesses in the area. Prospective investors and businesses can explore the opportunities presented by Akshar Business Park and anticipate a dynamic and thriving commercial environment in this bustling city.

Commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, such as Akshar Business Park by Akshar Developer, boast a range of amenities and facilities. The project ensures a seamless working environment with features like elevators, Wi-Fi connectivity, robust security systems, consistent power backup, round-the-clock water supply, and rainwater harvesting. The inclusion of video/CCTV security and Vastu compliance enhances safety and positive energy flow. Akshar Business Park goes beyond basics, offering recreational spaces like a cafeteria and a badminton court, catering to both work and leisure needs. These thoughtfully integrated amenities make commercial spaces in Navi Mumbai, particularly Akshar Developer's projects, highly desirable.

Akshar Developer stands out as a prominent builder renowned for commercial properties in Navi Mumbai. Their flagship project, Akshar Business Park, exemplifies their commitment to quality. As a Top builder in Navi Mumbai, Akshar Developer consistently delivers top-notch projects, ensuring excellence in design, construction, and amenities. The Akshar Business Park is a testament to their dedication, offering unparalleled facilities that meet the highest standards. With a solid reputation for reliability and quality, Akshar Developer continues to be a preferred choice for those seeking commercial properties in the dynamic real estate landscape of Navi Mumbai.

Akshar Developer is renowned for providing well-connected commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, with their flagship project, Akshar Business Park, standing out. Situated strategically, it offers unparalleled connectivity, being just 5 minutes from Turbhe Railway Station and 10 minutes from Palm Beach Road, Inorbit, Raghuleela Malls, and Sanpada Railway Station. Proximity to key transportation hubs like Turbhe and Vashi Bus Depots, Thane-Belapur Road, and Sion-Panvel Highway enhances accessibility. Notably, Airoli, Chembur, and the proposed Navi Mumbai Airport are within a 15 to 35-minute radius, making Akshar Business Park an ideal choice for businesses seeking prime locations and excellent connectivity.