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Location Matters: A Deep Dive into the Strategic Locations of Akshar Developer’s Commercial Projects

Location Matters: A Deep Dive into the Strategic Locations of Akshar Developer’s Commercial Projects

  • By Akshardevelopers_admin
  • February 5, 2024
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Navi Mumbai, a city making waves on the global map, owes a significant part of its growth to the burgeoning real estate sector. Amidst the discussions surrounding commercial property in Navi Mumbai, the dynamism of the realty scene is a constant topic among residents and developers alike.


Builders’ Assertions:

In the realm of commercial property in Navi Mumbai, builders claim an unexpected boom, providing affordable housing options for every stratum of society. However, investors view this through a different lens, alleging intentional delays in project completion by developers who are eyeing major infrastructural boosts.


The Game-Changer – Mumbai Trans Harbour Link:

A pivotal question marks the real estate landscape in Navi Mumbai – can the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link be the game-changer, elevating commercial property prices? Historical instances, such as the impact of Line 1 of the Navi Mumbai Metro on areas like Kharghar, Belapur, and Taloja, suggest that new infrastructure projects indeed have the potential to propel commercial real estate prices.


Akshar Developers: A Towering Presence:

Amidst the myriad of developers in Navi Mumbai’s commercial property arena, Akshar Developers emerges as one of the top builders in Navi Mumbai. Their prominence is further underscored by two ongoing commercial projects that hold significant promise for both residential and commercial real estate.


Akshar Business Park: A Hub of Opportunities

Nestled in Vashi, Akshar Business Park asserts its position as the Largest Integrated Business & Lifestyle Complex in Navi Mumbai. Surrounded by quality hospitality and leisure options, it enjoys close proximity to multinational companies and government offices, establishing itself as an attractive business hub. A key highlight is the project’s ready-to-network ecosystem, featuring over 500 Grade-A offices under one roof.


Level 23: Elevating Commercial Spaces

Akshar Level 23 presents thoughtfully designed commercial spaces in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. With 465 units spread across 1.26 acres, these spaces ranging from 685 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. offer easy access to Vashi Railway Station and seamless connectivity to major city points, further enhancing its appeal in the vibrant commercial property landscape.



As Navi Mumbai continues its journey towards development, the strategic locations of Akshar Developers’ commercial property in Navi Mumbai, especially in the context of commercial property, are poised to shape the narrative. These visionary initiatives from top builders like Akshar Developers are likely to play a pivotal role in defining the trajectory of Navi Mumbai’s commercial real estate success story.